As is usual with the work we do for Arper, the initial inspiration comes more from defining the essence of what is functionally required, for whom and at what cost... imparting the material, ecological and technological scope that ultimately shapes the visual spirit.

With Nuur, the desire was to create a universal table 'system' based on the reduced principle of 4 corner legs, 4 rails and a top, the essence of a table and the combination of which offered in as many sizes, for as many applications and environments as possible.

The aim of flexibility, or 'system', whilst at the forefront was meant to be a consequence of simplicity and reduction, rather than overcomplicating the visual language at the outset....the singular table being the most important and needing to be the intuitive 'origin' of all subsequent versions.

The structure, each line, curve and mass needed to work as one and have purpose, existing within the scope of production and material feasibility and within appropriate cost parameters. Quiet in its complexity, understated yet resolute, Nuur is effortlessly universal and timeless, touching the ground lightly.

See the XX11 Compasso d'Oro award video here: 

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