I wanted to work on the idea of a wall light as a sculptural object in itself...a light that would work as well turned off as it would turned on.

The intention was to provide a platform to express light and shadow via a very simple arrangement of elements to let ambient light and the light source do the work. Inspiration came from the work of sculptor Richard Serra and the way he uses combined forms to create balance and tension in an understated way....I was interested in how these overlapping forms could create surfaces that reflect light and create areas of shadow interspersed with light, enhancing the outlines and shapes of these forms.

The method was to sketch until a balance was struck between three overlapping shapes with each setting off the other so that they also created tension. From the front it worked well but from any other angle it needed something else, so the panels were also curved to pull the ends forward, away from the wall. Each panel curved differently so adjacent surfaces are not concentric, again to create the combination of visual tension and balance seen from the front.

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