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We've really enjoyed working on this chair for Spanish company Inclass…
UNNIA is a versatile stacking chair family born from the idea of mixing and combining components together to provide infinite customisable combinations. Designed for all kinds of contexts and spaces, both residential and public, Unnia is significant for its fluid lines, conceptual purity and timeless spirit.

UNNIA has been created to provide a unique approach to colour, enabling the expression of more potential options than any other chair, based on a range of 14 plastic colours. Consisting of 6 neutrals and 8 colours, specially selected to combine in a variety of different ways, the versatility of Unnia's colour system allows for a huge amount of options, designed to suit a wide range of applications and personal taste. Separate seat and back components allow chairs to be made using single colour, neutral + colour, colour + colour and dual tone combinations, resulting in more than 100 potential variations in the plastic version alone.

Further expanding on the possibilities for customisation, the seats and backrests can also be upholstered in more than 300 fabrics and leathers, in addition to COM.

Unnia is available in a wide range of base options and can be equipped with different accessories such as writing tablets or linking clips and for special projects customised plastic colours are also available.

And there's more to come…

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