New Upper Class Suite


We are proud to introduce Virgin Atlantic's new Upper Class Suite designed by Pengelly Design in partnership with Virgin Atlantic Design. Together we've immersed ourselves in every aspect of the Suites' development over the last four and half years and we're thrilled with the result which is already on selected flights and will be installed on all of Virgin Atlantics new Airbus A330 aircraft throughout 2012 and on the new Boeing 787-900's.

Tasked with designing the passenger environmment from the ground up…a blank canvas with which to invigorate the flying experience with more luxury, comfort and a sense of discovery, the team aimed to create a sophisticated and uplifting product developed to include some revolutionary features.

The new Upper Class Suite has been designed with a 'furniture aesthetic', our speciality, moving it away from the traditional aircraft feel towards a more domestic and familiar experience, providing a secure, wonderfully private and calming space for every passenger.

The chair itself features an innovative comfort system new on aircraft seating that provides an unparalleled level of repose for long haul flight. This system also provides an equally high degree of comfort to the bed which at 87 inches is now the longest fully flat business class bed ever developed.

The development of the unique 4 abreast herringbone configuration has allowed us to fully optimize cabin space, giving more room to each passenger whilst actually increasing the amount of seats within the cabin, providing each passenger with their own aisle access, ensuring an uninterrupted journey.

We've spent months shaping and reshaping the form of every surface and curve of the carbon fibre chair-surround to encapsulate all the functional features a traveller needs whilst ensuring each surround is as thin as possible to maximise personal space. Every effort went into the provision of intuitive and easily accessible passenger elements in seat and bed mode in addition to providing as much individual storage as possible.

The Suite contains nothing superfluous, quietly understated it's an environment in which to explore and discover your own space, the materials used are designed to enrich your journey and give you the sense of being looked after. Every feature cleverly designed, positioned and blended into the surround such as the flexible reading light, fold out cocktail tray and fully adjustable touchscreen monitor for ease of viewing in every chair and bed position.

This extraordinary project has challenged the whole team at every turn, the result coming from a very intimate working relationship that will continue to bear fruit.

Please take a look at what we affectionately call the Dream Suite

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